Link Popularity and Its Impact

There are a number of marvelous benefits that are associated with enhance link popularity. Of course, the most basic and obvious benefit of link popularity is founded in the fact that popular links necessarily and by definition are drawing more traffic to your Internet website.As has been mentioned more than one time in this ebook, the key to a link building campaign is not primarily volume, quantity or numbers. Of course, having an appropriate number of links is important. However, the key goal in any link building effort really is the development and maintenance of quality links. And, of course, popularity of links is one of the key ingredients in the overall realizing of a quality link building campaign.Beyond drawing traffic directly to your website, link popularity also has another significant benefit that can be vitally important to your Internet activities. Search engines consider the popularity of links when the algorithms of search engines analyze links in regard to your website’s search engine rankings. Once again, it is in this case that quality links becomes a key element of your overall SEO efforts.Search engines consider how frequently individuals link to your website through backlinks or inbound links. Moreover, search engines consider the links that link into the site where your inbound links are located. In other words, search engines really do focus on the overall quality of the links that are associated – broadly speaking – with your Internet website venue. You really do need to fully understand this interrelationship in order to ensure that you get the greatest effect and the best results from your overall and comprehensive link building efforts.Finally, when it comes to the issue link popularity, you must keep in mind the importance of so-called link farms. The bottom line is that websites that have been established merely as a place to place links are not helpful to you. Link farms are considered negatively by search engines. In short, placement of inbound links to your website at these link farms really will cause you more harm than good when it comes to search engines. In addition, an ever growing number of Internet users are completely “turned off” by link farms as well.

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